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Jaya He Museum Store

The Jaya He Museum Store is designed for MIAL Terminal 2 duty free, to sell wares created by local Indian artists and designers. The store brings in a beautiful blend of traditional Indian aesthetics with modern sensibilities. Opened in July 2015, the space functions as the retail point for the Jaya He art walk installations, at the airport. One part of the space is a store (600 sq. ft.) and the other a gallery (400 sq. ft.) to display work by local artists.

Location: T2, Mumbai, India

Date Completed: January 2015

Total Area: 1000 sq. ft.

Design Team: Yogesh Kachole and Aahana Miller

The plans for the store as well as the gallery are open floor plans with fixed shelving on the periphery walls. The client wanted a contemporary design infused with Indian aesthetics.

Hence the interior design palette uses muted colours and a combination of white and wood to so as not overpower the handicrafts. The lighting is also soft and used to highlight the artwork. The focus of the store is a colourful sofa upholstered in a patchwork fabric, to give the space an informal, homely feel. Overall, the design and arrangement of the store gives the traveller something that does not feel like a traditional airport “store” but an interactive space where they can browse comfortably.

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