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Art D'Inox Showroom

The Art D'Inox, as its name suggests raised the level of stainless steel to an art form.
Jindal Steel, the largest manufacturer of stainless steel in India, designed and promoted its use beyond household utensils to artistic utility items and accessories.
The showroom space measures up to the clients vision of taking stainless steel to another level.
The stainless steel swirl form that binds the showroom space is a strong visual element around which the display units are set.
The showroom is painted in shades of grey to contrast with various finishes of stainless steel.
It makes a strong visual impact without overpowering the products on display.
The area of the Mumbai showroom is 200 sq. m.

Location: Mumbai, India

Area: 200 sq. m.

Year Completed: 2005

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