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Vikas Centre, Mulund

The Vikas Centre is a mixed use commercial building located in the financial area of Mulund, a bustling suburb of Mumbai. The sliver of land is located at the junction of two busy roads and has a close proximity to the railway station. It's easy access and prime location made it an ideal project for the developers.

Location: Mulund, Mumbai

Completed: 2016-2018

Plot Area: 1450 sq. m.

The challenge was to fit the requirements and consume the full potential of the property by segregating various functions. The structure successfully reflects these requirements in design and scale with its proportionate program distribution. The 13 storey construction bears a ground floor for shops with two entries,two floors for banquet halls followed by seven floors of commercial office spaces.Six levels for parking are provided; two basements for upper floor office users and four floors for the banquet halls.

A simple bold form with a glass curtain wall on the North and East and solid faces on the South and West facilitates maximum light while avoiding the strong heat and glare.

The design is simple, functional and efficient.

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