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Netherlands Consulate, Mumbai

The Consular's Office was relocated to the Fort area on part of the first floor of an office building. This building is representative of the colonial character of the old commercial hub of South Bombay.
The premise is suitable because of its location, accessibility and relative ease of car-parking. The rectangular floor-plate of 500 sq. m. With a regular column grid and above all the 4 m. Floor to ceiling height, was conducive to the space planning, and for accommodating the complex environmental and security services essential for a Consulate office.
The design is very contemporary to compliment the modular furniture, which is standardized for their offices, worldwide.
A perfectly simple grid plan is made interesting by angled and curved walls and sloped and punctured false ceilings with cove and inverted lighting. Rust and metallic grey colour highlights are used to accentuate certain masses in a largely neutral and subdued setting. The use of sycamore and stained grey veneers, the grey marble with rust inlay, and rust carpet tiles make a solid visual statement. The use of stainless steel on the main door with clear wired glass lends solidity to the entrance without obstructing the visual connection between the elevator lobby and the public area.

Location: Mumbai, India

Area: 500 sq. m.

Year Completed: 2001

Project Duration: 4 months

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