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Indusind Bank Office

Indusind Bank expanded their head office at One India Bulls in Mumbai, from half a floor to 2 full floors, admeasuring an additional 30,000 sq ft.

Location: Mumbai, India

Area: 30,000 sq ft

Year Completed: 2016

The design brief was to make the office open, cheerful and green. The Corporate office floor was an extension of the existing office designed by ABM in 2014. This extension houses the board member’s offices, the board room and the executive dining room.

The circular meeting rooms with floor to ceiling bent glass are a visual highlight and are seen from the elevator lobby and the reception. The multi-colour bull interspersed with a green wall forms the backdrop of the reception. All glass cabins with modular furniture and accent chairs are a visual delight. The linear workstations are efficient as co-working spaces.

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