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The New ABM

ABM not only changed their firm name in 2021, but also moved into a new space, which signifies a fresh start for the firm under Principal Architect Aahana Miller. The new office spread across two levels, the ground floor and basement.
The office space is significant as it was used by the founder Alfaz Miller and his partner back in 1990. The renewed office space retains most of the existing finishes but still has a fresh design.
Though compact, the office has an open floor plan making it more collaborative and efficient. There are no private cabins, this allows for better visibility and a synergetic environment.

Location: Prabhadevi, Mumbai, India

Completed: October 2021

Design Team: Yogesh Kachole & Rafic Shaikh

Area: 3,000 sq. ft.

Photographer: Suleiman Merchant

The reception space is vibrant and comfortable. As one enters through the painted red door, they are greeted by the reception table. A L-shaped red leatherette bench seating with colorful cushions forms a casual discussion space. Artifacts, plants, scale models and awards adorn the shelf at the entrance.

The primary palette is light wood look alike laminate and light wood polish, paired with red laminate storage shutters which adds ABM’s signature red color to the space.

The workstations are hung from the walls using a painted red mild steel frame, with only a floating shelf below for the CPUs. They do not touch the ground which allows one to clean the floor easily and minimizes clutter. Apart from the common overhead storage and material library space, a small personal drawer/monitor stand is given to individuals; no other storage is provided so that the office remains neat and organised.

Aahana’s table and the other discussion tables are existing and repurposed; their tops are finished in marble or Kalinga Stone Terrazzo which are durable.
Having fans was essential to us so that in good weather one avoid using the AC. But the existing ceiling being low, distinct fans without a rod are used.
The office has artwork from the Miller’s personal collection along with some new prints from Aashti Miller.
An outdoor area outside the office is an ideal space for ABM’s Garden where we enjoy growing fruits and vegetables.

Materials, products and manufacturers:
Flooring: Existing Marble
Workstations: Locally customized
Metalwork: Locally customized
Kalinga Terrazzo: Classic Marble Company
Lights: Tulip
Fans: The Fan Studio
Artwork & Graphics: Personal Collection (Sunil Padwal, Prabhakar Kolte, Brinda Miller), Aashti Miller (Millerink Graphics)

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