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RICH TRANQUILITY: T2 Business & First Class lounge

The spanking new Business and First Class lounge at Mumbai's International Airport breathes sheer luxury

Location: Mumbai, India

Year Completed: 2014

Design Team: SP Makharia, Ashok Solanki

The mint new business and first class lounge by ABM Architecture Interior Design at Mumbai's International Terminal, T2, is a comfortable, private and luxurious oasis for premium jet setters. A contemporary chic cocoon where travellers in transit can unwind at leisure.

A Brinda Miller signature artwork in a soothing fusion of yellow and orange sets the mood for relaxation as you walk in. Further ahead, the splendid backlit, peacock, made in India, shimmers along with richly textured, golden glass wall, lending a sneak peek into a splendid affair that unravels beyond in decor and space.

The lounge stands tastefully arranged across two levels, with separate areas for first class and business class passengers. A gold sheen in the decor brings in a dynamic play of light and textures in the first class lounge. Assorted Italian marble flooring and Corian screens replete with white florals and whorls stand out against a unison of velvet clad sofa chairs and tones of cocoa in the couches and tables. Bobs of green in chartreuse cushions and the verdant foliage wall blend harmoniously with brooding browns in upholstery and classic furniture. The amber glow of the reflective ceiling and the dip lights in lamps create a warm environment for the passengers to relax and unwind.

The business class lounge arrives in spiffy white and sparkling silver, with Corian screens carrying a smooth replica of the Google map of Mumbai. It is a rivetting mesh of trellised lines. A clever use of glass, mirrors and nude tones maximises this area. Plush sofas, a well stocked buzzing bar for that touch of exuberance, and sectioned alcoves in clean cut lines usher you into a five star environment. Perfect for moments of much needed quiet or for catching up with peers. The restrooms make a mark through contemporary lines and noveau accessories.

A sense of relaxation and luxury runs through both the levels of the lounge, rather effortlessly. For a truly immersive, distinctive experience.

Awards: Award for Asia's Leading Airport Lounge 2016, 2017, 2018

Featured in:
VM&RD November 2015
Home and Design Trends 2016

Mondo Arc India Issue #11
Stylish Indian Restaurants

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