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MIAL T2 Art Program

ABM has done the creative engineering to impliment the art program curated by Mr. Rajiv Sethi. It is one of the larger public art programs of the world!

I am often asked “What was ABM Architect's role in the conception of the New Museum?” and I reply “ABM's role was engineering the art walk, three kilometres long and consisting of over 1000 pieces of art and artefacts.” (Alfaz Miller)

Location: Mumbai

Area: 3 km long

Year Completed: 2013

Project Duration: 2 years

And “What was the most difficult aspect of the project?” to which I reply “Reading Rajeev Sethi's mind.
The doyen of Indian Arts and Crafts, Rajeev Sethi, is the 'Scenographer' of the New Museum. The creative intent is conceived by him, realised as it were by numerous artists and craftsmen from across the country. The collection and variety of artefacts from across India is staggering.

What was the next most difficult part of the project?

The challenge was working with engineering contractors to construct artwork."

The process involved restoration of artefacts, making them structurally stable; and working with several materials like stone, wood, glass, canvas, cloth, metals, and even cow dung. Even a temporary studio was set up near the site to create models and mockups.

ABM curated architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and lighting drawings for all the installations. The plethora of architectural and engineering drawings produced are of an archival quality.

It was a daunting task, frustrating at most times. I have a sense of immense satisfaction when I look back at the experience of participating in the creation of the world's largest public art program.

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